Selling property in central Sydney is a specialised field

If you think any real estate agency can sell your apartment you’re close to being correct.
Most real estate agents could.

But we can tell you, they’re not likely to be in the best position to negotiate the best possible price for you or obtain the optimum type of buyer.

You see, unlike selling property in the suburbs, successfully selling central city apartments is not for newcomers.

To give you an example:  Suppose we have your  apartment on the market for $500,000 and just suppose the market is relatively slow and a prospective buyer comes along with a low ball offer – stating that is what the market will bear at the moment.

That could be correct for some apartments within some buildings but not necessarily for your apartment.

You see, to achieve the correct price you have to know the buildings in central Sydney -  their design – the facilities offered in each, the standard of maintenance and security being given to the buildings by the building management, the  reason people like to live in that particular locality – for example what it is close to and so on.

Furthermore you have to know how the apartments within various building are laid out, how the building functions, the facilities in various buildings such as gymnasiums, concierge, security etc, the percentage of owners to tenants and so on. There’s a lot more to it than most people imagine.

For an agent to become familiar with the characteristics of each apartment complex takes years of specialist experience.

We can compare – we know the going prices – we know what attracts people to a locality and to a specific building – and we can advise you on the best means of presenting your property to achieve the best price. This is why you should always sell through a specialist.

That’s why we’re saying that if you’re thinking of selling a central Sydney property you should have the sale handled by John P Bennetts Real Estate.

We have specialised in the central Sydney region for more than 20 years
Our office is in the CBD – within an apartment complex that we manage
Over the years we have become familiar with nearly every apartment complex within the area
Our knowledge will give you the best chance of obtaining the best price possible for your property