We specialise in helping investors achieve success

John P Bennetts Real Estate’s Property Management team handles the management of  properties for local owners and offshore investors. Be assured that when your property is in our hands it will be in good hands.

We take care of everything – from being extremely careful in selecting the right type of tenant to managing the outgoings and ensuring that you receive your rental income to a schedule.

We make regular inspections to ensure your property is well looked after and if there are any problems we will act quickly.

We have contact with an excellent group of trustworthy tradespeople who we can call on for timely and well-priced services as and when they’re needed. Proficiency in this area, is something that we pride ourselves on!

Many agents could tell you they’re good property managers also. The difference is our 20 years of specialisation in central Sydney.

We’re aware of how the apartments within various buildings are laid out, how the buildings function, the facilities in various buildings such as gymnasiums, concierges, security etc, the percentage of owners to tenants, the benefits of living in that particular locality and so on.

It enables us to advertise appropriately, select the right type of tenant and of course most importantly it enables us to know what are the  going rental levels.
Further to this we keep abreast of the trends so  we know when to recommend raising rentals, when to keep them on hold and the best strategies to counter a declining market.          

All this enables us to give our property management clients informed information. It will enable you to receive the best possible return on your investment.