A few facts you should know about selling a property in central Sydney CBD

We are regularly contacted by prospective owner – occupiers looking for an apartment and we have a list of investors who are always keen to make a purchase.

But before you make any decision on selling here’s why you should call us.

As specialists in this property market:

 We keep abreast of the market trends so we can advise you of the direction that the market is heading. This means you can make your decisions based on accurate information
 We know what type of apartments in central Sydney CBD are in greatest demand at the current time so you can be given an accurate expectation of the level of demand for your property  and the likely time to achieve a sale.
 We can tell you the price you can expect your property to achieve. You can then do your sums to determine how you will fare in the market.
 We can give you tips and advice on the presentation of your apartment to enhance its chances of gaining a good price.
 We weigh up the virtues of the building your apartment is in, its location and demand. This enables us to give you an accurate indication of the price to expect.
 In most instances we know the type of prospective buyer your apartment is likely to appeal to so we target the marketing primarily for this type of person – but keeping our mind open to other prospects.


When you’re considering selling you need an appraisal that gives you ‘best case scenario’ and a ‘worst case scenario’ for the likely price of your property.

Be assured that when we give you an appraisal on the likely selling price of your apartment it will be an accurate estimation based on what is happening in the current market.  We value our reputation for integrity, so if anything, our estimation is likely to be on the conservative side.

We have experience in selling all types of apartments – from bed sitters to penthouses and everything in between, plus we sell houses in inner suburbs.  We can assure you that when someone is interested in buying a property in central Sydney CBD we are usually among the first to be contacted.