Buyers: We can help you!

Because of our long experience in working in the central Sydney region we’re among the most frequently contacted agencies for people wanting to sell and buy.

If you’re wanting to purchase a property within central Sydney or any of the  nearby suburbs there’s a good chance that even if we don’t have it listed, we can find what you’re seeking for you.

We’ll inform you of what is coming up and make approaches on your behalf.

Over the 20 years that we have specialised in property sales and management in central Sydney we have found apartments for hundreds of people – from bed sitters to, one bedroom, two bedroom, 3 bedroom apartments and  penthouses in a variety of locations.

One of the secrets to our success is that if you give us an indication as to what you’re seeking and the price you want to pay, we’re likely to know which apartment buildings in central Sydney will meet your needs.

We’re aware of how the apartments within various buildings are laid out, how the buildings functions, the facilities in various buildings such as gymnasiums, concierge, security etc, the percentage of owners to tenants, the benefits of living in that particular locality and so on.               

All this enables us to dig deep with an enhanced chance of finding what you’re seeking.

We have several investor companies who have permanent orders with us – hence there are occasions when we sell properties without advertising them, so if you don’t see a property being advertised, it doesn’t mean we’re not able to meet your needs.

You can be assured that when someone is interested in selling a property in central Sydney we’re usually among the first to be contacted.